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Rare BtVS

The home for rare pairs

Rare Pairings from BtVS or AtS
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A place for art and fic concerning the rare pairings of the buffyverse

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This is a BtVS/Ats centered community.
Both woman_of_ and mentalme85 welcome you to the journal.

Please feel free to post anything to do with rare pairs and supporting & minor characters of both shows including: Recommendations, fiction, art, videos, fan mixes, het, gen, slash, femslash, etc

You must join the community in order to post. The community setting is 'Adult concepts' this means you must be at least 14yrs old to join.

We invite you to explore awards sites which welcome rare pairings and characters that are not in the spotlight as much (links are on the right of the layout) and contribute to our ficathons.

Layout and graphics by the lovely selene2

RareBtVS, for the rare pairings of the Buffyverse

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• This community is a place where rare pairs and supporting & minor characters can find a home.

• There are a few pairings that are so popular that they are not considered rare, therefore this community is not the place for them: Spike/Buffy, Spike/Xander, Spike/Angel, Buffy/Angel. In addition, no canon pairings allowed with the exception of Anya/Spike and Angel/Cordy. There may be additions to this list at a later date. If you only wish to view posts pertaining to certain pairings use the tags to find what you are after, or try the new tracking system to be notified when posts concerting your pairing are made. For help with these methods click here to PM mentalme85.


• NO flaming. Shipping wars will not be tolerated.

• This community will contain material of an adult nature.
Please do not read if you aren't of legal age.

• Please place the body of your work beneath an lj-cut.
Please use heading for fic, we suggest the following header information: (copy & paste)

• Please tag your entries, see how HERE

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